For your health : water, and that's it

Taking care of ourselves is great. Taking care of the world around us is greater. This is why just plain tap water is all it takes to get the most from the air up® bottle. No side effects for us. No side effects for the planet. It’s water, tastefully done.

Pure ingredients. Purer conscience.

Water is just about the healthiest thing we can consume. It’s additive-free. 100% good stuff. But nothing is perfect. Water can be boring. Which is where air up® comes in.

Air up makes the monotonous mind-blowing and the dull delicious. All while not adding a single ingredient. Some call it magic. We call it thinking new.

Suspend your disbelief

Water in, water out. It’s that simple. With the air up® bottle, you’re only ever drinking what you put in. Don’t let the delicious taste fool you: in the air up® universe, there’s no sugar, no additives, no bullshiit and no worries.

Nature, pure and simple

All air up® Scent pods use only natural aromas, extracted from our favorite fruits, plants and spices. But we don’t just take one scent and leave it at that. Life’s too short to never think outside the box. This is why each scent pod is carefully crafted with a blend of aromas, designed to provide the ultimate taste experience, air up®-style.

Water, new and improved

What provides all the benefits of water, but doesn’t taste like water? It’s water, done the air up® way. Staying healthy, happy and hydrated never tasted so good. Cheers to that.

Only the best, from the inside out

Each component of the air up® bottles is made from the highest quality materials. The bottles themselves use BPA-free Tritan™, commonly used in drinks bottles for young children, and the mouthpiece is made from food-safe silicone, also used in pacifiers. Whatever your age, we put safety first.