Frequently asked

The air up® drinking bottle system is an absolute world novelty. An innovative and fun way of drinking and hydrating - which we think is self-explanatory, but neverhteless raises questions to everybody who has just heard about it. We have collected the most important questions and answers about the air up drinking system, the bottle and our pods below.


Do I really only drink water?

Yes, of course. We were interested in that from the beginning. That's why we started investigations in 2017 at the German Research Institute for Food Chemistry (Leibnitz Institute) and at the Technical University of Munich. The result: The water is 99.99 % pure. If you swallow some aroma air (there is a slight possibility of this happening during the drinking process), a very small amount of natural aroma will end up in your body. But this percentage is so small that it is comparable to the amount of aroma you inhale in a bakery when you smell fresh bread.

What flavors are there?

You Can find all our existing flavor Pods on our website, have a look on our Pods Page. Theoretically, we could develop a pod from anything that smells, such as bratwurst, or a springtime meadow. However, we decided against producing a garlic scent Pod - the smell was so intense that we could only store the Pod in front of an open window. If you still have a flavor that you want as an air up flavor, feel free to let us know!

How about allergies?

Allergens are basically always proteins or peptides. So you can normally only be allergic to substances that contain these molecule elements. Flavorings don't do that. This means that as an apple allergy sufferer you can finally enjoy a fruity apple flavor again! None of our products contain allergens that must be labelled and air up is therefore safe for allergy sufferers. And by the way the pods are vegan, too!

A slice of lemon does the trick, doesn't it?

Of course, with a lemon it works quite well, but with raspberries, for example, you quickly have a mess in your bottle or the kitchen and apples unfortunately do not give off much taste in the water. Unfortunately, pesticides are also often found on the fruit in our supermarket, which then end up in your body in your water. With air up® you can always change the taste. Without intermediate cleaning. The water always remains water.

How can a plastic bottle be sustainable?

Doesn't seem to make sense at first, but it turns out, it does. Our calculationgoes as follows: If a soft drink consumer constantly uses air up® instead of drinking apple spritzer from plastic bottles, for example, he saves an average of five to ten PET bottles per scent pod (for five liters). A 0.5 litre PET bottle is made of 27 grams of plastic. Our scent pod, on the other hand, is only made from 7.6 grams of recyclable plastic. So we achieve a ratio of 1.5 grams per litre to 54 grams of plastic per litre. So we can say that air up® uses 25 to 50 times less plastic per litre. In addition, by reducing transport weight and volume (the pods take up less space and are lighter than filled PET bottles), we are producing significantly lower CO² emissions. This is also the main reason why we decided to make the bottle from tritan and not glass. Apart from the fact that glass bottles are impractical or even restricted when hiking or going to the gym, we also save CO² here through the lower weight and the reduced transport volume, since glass bottles have to be transported at a distance from each other.

How can I taste scent?

Our brain distinguishes between orthonasal (entering through the nose) and retronasal (entering through the throat) smells. While orthonasal smell is interpreted by the brain as such, it perceives retronasal smells as taste and attributes it to food consumption in our mouth. This interconnection in the brain makes it possible to transfer water only via aromatised air with a variety of flavours. By drinking through the silicone nozzle of the air up® bottle the resulting suction pulls not only water, but also air from outside through the scent pod into the mouth. In the pharynx, the aromatized air rises up from the water and is perceived as taste at the center of the nose. Thus one's own perception can be tricked and saves one's body from taking up sweeteners, stabilizers or acidity regulators that are demonstrably unhealthy.

Why does each person taste the scented air at a different level of intesity?

The sense of taste and smell is differently pronounced in humans. This is partly genetically determined, but can also be negatively influenced by smoking, alcohol or medication in the course of life. Unfortunately a not that well pronounced sense of smell leads to a less intense experience of drinking from the air up bottle®.

Is air up® suitable for children?

Yes, because you simply drink 99.99% of the water that you fill into the air up® bottle. Sometimes it can happen that you swallow some of the aromatic air, but that is without hesitation. We use only natural aromas for our pods, which we purchase from one of the leading German aroma houses. Our aromas are of course not harmful to your health. We have of course had the compatibility tested and so far have not been able to detect any problems. Children are sometimes even our biggest fans. The best thing is to point out that they don't have to tip the bottle or hold it straight to drink, then no water will spill.


What is the advantage of the bottle?

Normally tasty drinks contain sugar and/or unhealthy additives. Both are unfortunately not very good for our body. air up is the first drink to offer the possibility to drink only water and still experience taste. And you also save money, CO2 emissions and plastic waste compared to conventional soft drinks. Of course, you won't have to carry boxes anymore and our scent pods weigh only a few grams. Which of the many advantages is the greatest for you, you can find out best yourself!

Can I only fill the air up® bottle with tap water?

We are lucky that our tap water is not only completely clean, but also tastes good and therefore we prefer to use it. In addition, tap water is the most sustainable filling variant for air up®. If you prefer to drink mineral water, however, we have installed a pressure compensation valve so that you can also fill the bottle with water from your water bubbler. It sounds incredible, but we've never really tried the gin tonic with cucumber pod combination here at the air up® office and are looking forward to hearing from you!

How do I clean the bottle?

During the development of our bottle we placed great value on the fact that you can enjoy our product for a long time. And the only way you can do that, of course, is to keep your bottle clean. Therefore, we recommend, that you clean your components with warm water and a mild washing-up liquid. The aroma pods should not get in contact with water. The scent pods are made of recyclable plastic and belong in the yellow bag as soon as they are used up.

Why isn't the air up® bottle made of glass?

Apart from the fact that glass bottles are impractical or not allowed when hiking or in the gym, we save transport weight and volume on delivery by using Tritan. Glass bottles must of course be transported at a greater distance from each other to ensure that they are not damaged. With our BPA-free tritan bottles, we thus save a considerable amount of CO².

Is the bottle completely sealed?

As long as you put the lid on the bottle, it's 100 percent tight. Without the lid, however, she loses a little water when you tip her over. This is due to the built-in pressure compensation valve. This allows air to flow into the bottle while you suck on the straw so that you don't have to settle.

Why does the Pod have to remain on the bottle when you want to close the bottle tightly with the lid?

Without a scent pod, the scent air holes are not closed and water could flow from the bottle into the inside of your lid.


What exactly is in the scent pod?

The interchangeable scent pods contain a natural aroma that is applied to an air-permeable carrier material. In our case, this carrier material is a fleece specially developed for this purpose. We get the raw materials of the aroma from a well-known German manufacturer, who extracts them from the respective natural products. Fabian and his team create the most diverse and creative flavors in our flavor laboratory. Sometimes so creative that the pods unfortunately (or fortunately) never go into production, but are only available in the air up office.

How long can I use one scent pod?

A Pod delivers odor for at least five liters of flavor! Since our aromas come from fruits and plants, it is in the nature of things that the aromas unfortunately do not produce infinitely long scented air. This is also the reason why you might experience that different flavor Pods havea different intensitiy.

Does the aroma evaporate from the Pod even when I'm not drinking?

The nice thing is that active Pod consumption only takes place when air flows through the ring. This in turn only happens if you have activated the scent air function. By moving the pod on the headboard, the tasteful airflow can be activated and deactivated. (Pod is enabled at the top, Pod is disabled at the bottom). Unfortunately, a little aroma evaporates over a longer period of time anyway. But you can slow it down by putting the Pod back in the aroma bag when you're not using it.

Availability & Delivery time

Why are the delivery times longer than usual?

At the moment, the demand for pods and starter sets is significantly higher than expected. Of course, we are very pleased about this, but unfortunately it has resulted in longer delivery times. The health of our employees is our top priority. We want to make sure that our staff, who are working hard to pack your parcels, can comply with the strict Corona guidelines. Therefore, the shipping time is currently 7-12 working days. However, we can assure you that we are working as hard as we can to get your order to you as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for your understanding!.

How long is the delivery time usualy?

The expected delivery time is shown on the respective product page in our online shop. Please note that the information is an estimate.

According to the delivery time information, my order should already have arrived. Why haven't I received it yet?

In rare cases it can happen that the specified delivery time cannot be met. We are dependent on our logistics providers. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I find out when my favorite variety is available again?

The availability of our fragrance pods is shown on the respective product page. We also keep you up to date with news in our newsletter. Register here for it.

Return & Right of withdrawal

I don't like the starter set. How can I send it back?

You can return the Starter-Set to the following address:

GEODIS CL Germany GmbH
Bei der Lehmkuhle 2
21629 - Mienenbüttel -Germany

Please note that for hygienic reasons we only take back unopened starter sets. After successful quality check we will refund your money.

Who pays the return shipping costs?

The cost of return shipping must be payed by you. You can find the details in our cancellation policy.

Can I exchange the starter set? What do I have to consider?

Yes, you can return the starter set within 14 days in accordance with the right of withdrawal. Please note that for hygienic reasons we only take back unopened starter sets. You can find more details here.

I opened the starter set seal. Can I still exchange it?

No, unfortunately not. Since it is a hygiene item, we can only take back the starter set unopened.

I want to cancel my order. How can I proceed?

We only have a very short time window between order receipt and order in logistics. Therefore, it would be easiest if you refused to accept the delivery. If this is not possible, please report this directly to our customer service.

Problems & Defects

The bottle is leaking. What can I do?

The bottle is only really tight when there is a pod on the bottle and the lid is closed tightly until it stops. The loop must point upwards. Every now and then it can happen that the loop is no longer in the middle. Without capping, water can leak through the "pressure equalization valve" when you tip the bottle. If it is still not tight, please contact our customer service.

My bottle has a gap (bulges) between mouthpiece and bottle!

The small curvature in the mouthpiece is intentional. This is where the pressure equalization valve is located. This allows you to drink from the bottle in one stroke and gives you the possibility to fill in carbonated water because the pressure can escape through it. If the bottle is not closed properly, water can escape through the pressure compensation valve when tilting. Therefore please always put on a fragrance pod and close the cap firmly.

The bottle is cracked or physically damaged. How do I get a replacement?

Oh no, we're sorry about that. Please contact our customer service team directly and send us photos and your purchase receipt. So we can check the defect. Thank you.

I have activated the scent pod, but I still can't taste anything. What is the reason for this?

Please check again if your bottle is assembled as shown in our brochure or watch this video hier, which shows the steps visually. If it still does not work, please feel free to contact us.


What payment methods do you offer?

We attach great importance to making it as simple and individual as possible for you. That's why we try to always offer the latest payment methods and options in our online shop. You can find an overview of the options here.