How air up® works

How to use the air up® bottle

With air up® you can easily drink healthy and tasty. To get you started right away, we have prepared a short video explaining how the air up® bottle works!

Retronasal - The science behind the scent

What makes air up® possible? The concept of retronasal smell. This is the technical term for a simple concept - tasting with your nose. When you smell something, it passes through the throat to the olfactory center in the nose and manifests in the brain as taste. Simple. Genius. Mind-blowing.

80% of the tastes you experience are actually things you are smelling. The tongue may talk the talk, but it’s the nose that walks the walk when it comes to taste.

1. Fill up

Fill up your air up® bottle with fresh drinking water. Fizzy or flat, it doesn’t matter; make it your own.

2. Straw

Put the straw inside the bottle (with the mouthpiece attached).

3. Mouthpiece

Tightly fit the mouthpiece into place.

4. Put on the fragrance pod

Remove the scent pod from the packaging and press it onto the mouthpiece.

5. Activate fragrance pod

Activate the scent pod by pulling it gently up until it naturally stops. The scent is now active.

6. Drink, don't tilt

Drink by sucking the water up through the straw, you don’t even have to tilt the bottle.

7. BAM

Experience scent-based taste.

8. Cap the bottle

Attaching the bottle cap covers the mouthpiece and deactivates the scent pod. Remember to keep the scent pod on the bottle when adding the lid to ensure no leaks.