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Mango Passionfruit Pods

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air up® MANGO PASSIONFRUIT Pods (3x) - Two to Mango

The dancehall has just opened, and we’ve got the perfect pair kicking us off. One’s sweet, whilst the other is sour, they’re both very fruity, and when they’re together, they’re impossible not to love. Get a spring in your step with our Mango Passion Fruit Pods. One 3-pack of Mango Passion Fruit pods will flavour up to 15 litres of water, leaving you hydrated, refreshed, and ready to hit the dance floor for rounds 2, 3, and 4! 

Product details

Plenty of flavour. No calories.

  • 3-pack of Pods; flavours 15+ litres of water
  • 100% natural flavour from natural aroma
  • 0% sugar, 0% additives, 0% calories

Convenient and conscious.

  • 100% recyclable Pods
  • New gripped edge for quick on/off
  • Improved packaging, less waste
  • Compatible with all air up® bottles

Ingredients/Nutritional values

Ingredients: Natural aroma.

Note: Store in a dry and cool place. To be used exclusively with the air up® bottle and water.

nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy0kl / 0kcal
Saturated fats0g

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