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Orange & Passionfruit Pods

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air up® orange & passion fruit pods (3x) - The Tropical Tastemaker

No travel plans? No problem. Grab a double ticket to the Tropics with a 3-pack of Orange Passionfruit pods, whose light and breezy flavour puts you under a giant palm tree, stat. It’s the same citrusy refreshment as a fruity cocktail – just better for your beach bod. Set the trend while sipping up to 15 litres of exotic H2O.
Pair it with bossa nova for a summer vibe year-round.

Product details

Plenty of flavour. No calories.

  • 3-pack of Pods; flavours 15+ litres of water
  • 100% natural flavour from natural aroma
  • 0% sugar, 0% additives, 0% calories

Convenient and conscious.

  • 100% recyclable Pods
  • New gripped edge for quick on/off
  • Improved packaging, less waste
  • Compatible with all air up® bottles

Ingredients/Nutritional values

Ingredients: Natural aroma.

Note: Store in a dry and cool place. To be used exclusively with the air up® bottle and water.

nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy0kl / 0kcal
Saturated fats0g

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