Starter-Set charcoal incl. 2 pods

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air up® Starter-Set charcoal incl. 2 pods

Quench your thirst with the air up® starter set. Dip your toe into the world of air up® and get a taste for the good stuff.

The air up® starter sets include:

  • 1 air up® 650ml drinking bottle
  • 1 air up® drinking straw
  • 1 air up® mouthpiece
  • 1 air up® sealing lid
  • 1 air up® strap (other colors available at accessoires)
  • 2 pods

Product details

The air up® drinking-system

  • Drinking bottle is made of BPA-free tritan - without the use of plasticizer
  • The filling quantity is 650 ml and is also suitable for sparkling water
  • The head section or mouthpiece is made of food-safe branded silicone, which is also used for soothers
  • The strap can be replaced and is also made of food-safe branded silicone
  • The lid is made of ABS, a very resistant plastic
  • Pods can be recycled
  • Pods contain a fleece with natural aroma. Both are manufactured in Germany

Ingredients/Nutritional values

Ingredients: Natural flavouring

Note: Store pods in a cool and dry place. Only use in air up® drinking systems which are filled with water

nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy0kl / 0kcal
Saturated fats0g

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