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Wild Berry Pods

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air up® wild berry Pods (3 pcs.) - The Mood Lifter

Our 3-pack of Wild Berry pods delivers a vibrant elixir of heart-warming nostalgia and delightful indulgence. Sip on this soulful flavour and your friends might tell you to wipe the huge grin off your face. But how could you? With zero calories or additives and such a satisfying whirlwind for your sweet tooth, Wild Berry is your refreshing friend for life – always a sip away.

Pod-Package contains

3 air up® pods

You'll get at least 15L flavoured water with these air up® pods.


23 refills

of the air up® 650ml drinking bottle

Enough for 15 litres

this lasts up to 10 days*

*based on the recommended water consumption of 1.5 litres per day, a single air up® pod can last between 3-4 days


  • 100% natural aroma
  • Pods can be recycled
  • Pods contain a fleece with natural aroma. Both are manufactured in Germany

Ingredients/Nutritional values

Ingredients: Natural aroma.

Note: Store in a dry and cool place. To be used exclusively with the air up® bottle and water.

nutritional information per 100 ml
Energy0kl / 0kcal
Saturated fats0g

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