About air up®

We need water to live. There’s no denying that it’s just about the healthiest thing we can put into our bodies. But nothing is perfect. Water can be boring. Dull. Monotonous. But what choice do we have? The alternatives that line our supermarket shelves invariably contain untold amounts of sugar, colorings and additives. So you, the consumer, must make a decision: to sacrifice wellbeing or taste? But why make any sacrifices at all? Why not get the best of both worlds? “It’s impossible.” “It can’t be done.” “You can’t hack the system like that.” We’ve heard it all. And what do we say? That’s simple: “Challenge accepted.” To dare to do what nobody has ever done before, we have to think completely new. Air up® is a refillable bottle that turns plain tap water into flavored water through scent alone. It’s a simple idea. But one that redefines drinking completely. Radically different, visionary and with no hidden small print. Additive-free. Sugar-free. Bullshit-free. How does it work? It couldn’t be simpler: water in, pod on and voilà: taste explosion. With air up®, you’re drinking nothing but pure water. You can empty it, sniff it, run it through as many tests as you please, but nothing will change: drinking with air up® is drinking water, pure and simple. And on top of that, not only do we value doing something good for peoples’ health, but we also care about the environment. Compared to your average bottled drink, air up® uses far less plastic, and our small, lightweight scent Pods mean that our logistics are carbon efficient and kinder to the planet. So there you have it. Convenience? Think air up®. Taste? Think air up®. Conscious consumption that supports the health both of people and of the environment? Think air up®. Think new. Drink new. 

That´s us!

The people behind the pods

A lot has happened in the short time since air up® was founded. What started as a small band of trailblazers has now grown to over 70 employees in a vibrant team encompassing everything from packaging to product development, and from data to design. It’s a team whose work makes the world just that little bit better. Ready to join the adventure?
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Corporate Communications

We give air up® a face and a voice to the outside. We always keep an eye on the trends of our target group and thus lay the foundation for our corporate strategy.

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Product team

They’re what started it all: our iconic air up bottle and scent Pods. We have the kickass product, but the journey doesn’t end there. As the Product team, we’re always on the hunt for the next big game changer in the air up® universe. Our days are spent obsessing over the details, tightening tolerance levels, and researching and developing the next big thing. As Product Designers, Developers and Managers, thinking new is our obsession.

The team introduces itself: